Mentshn It! by Millie and the Mentshn



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CD includes extensive liner notes with story about each song and complete lyrics in Yiddish and English.

CD Overview

Millie and the Mentshn create original musical arrangements to suit their unique instrumentation and “chamber klezmer” style. The music captures changes in mood; the lyrics convey daily life, love, school, work, children, wars, immigration, and the struggle to hold on to tradition. Overall, the songs reveal the powerful will to survive in the soul of the Jewish people. There is something special about sharing stories from the past and there is something comforting in knowing where you come from and passing it on fun dor tsu dor (from generation to generation).

“Special Mentshn”

“This is Millie Johnson’s show. Her soprano voice is as fresh and clear as spring water, and she is a master musician and an enchanting storyteller . . .  Mentshn It!, by Millie and the Mentshn, is a terrific album, in fact, it is downright addictive.”

Track Listing
  1. Oy S’iz Gut / Oy It’s Good
  2. Goldenshteyn Freylekh
  3. Yisrolik
  4. Unter Dayne Vayse Shtern / Under Your White Stars
  5. Skotshne
  6. Dremlen Feygl / Birds Dozing
  7. Yablatchko / Little Apple
  8. Shnirele Perele / Little String, Little Pearl
  9. Ikh Hob Dikh Tsu Fil Lib / I Love You Much Too Much
  10. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
  11. Dort Baym Breg Fun Veldl / At the Edge of the Forest
  12. Der Alter Tsigayner / The Old Gypsy