Millie and the Mentshn perform at the Minneapolis Jewish Community Center 2010

“This Klezmer is complete with cowboy hats and a violinist jumping and running around the stage!” –TC Jewfolk

Our Goal

Millie & the Mentshn (MTM) will bring energy, emotion, and humor to their performance. MTM’s goal is for you to smile, tap your feet, feel the rhythms, and leave feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and full of life. L’Chayim!

MTM plays Klezmer and World Music at a variety of events including dances, weddings, outdoor concerts, special celebrations, and multimedia/educational programs. Their versatility enables MTM to slide gracefully between energetic driving dances and a beautiful classical sound that has been described as “chamber Klezmer” music. When the venue is appropriate or upon request, MTM teaches traditional group folk dances that are accessible and fun for all ages and abilities.

Audiences of all cultural backgrounds enjoy the unusual combination of instruments, the intricate harmonies, and the variety of musical styles and traditions including Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Israeli, Arabic, Yiddish, Ladino, Gypsy, Swing, Jazz, Tango, Folk, Latin, and Country Western.

Concert Reviews:

Millie and the Mentshn Minneapolis MNWhat a great performance you guys put on last night!  I knew we were in for a pleasant evening, but I didn’t expect to be blown away by your energy, your artistry, your spirit.  We enjoyed it on so many different levels: for me, nostalgia and memories of my father singing those songs  — I found myself mouthing words I hadn’t thought of for years — the good feeling of Yiddishkeit in the simplest and most profound form.

For the non-Jews, the joy and spirit of the holiday came smashing through and they obviously loved it.  Feet were tapping, and one person this morning told me that she wished there had been room to dance.  I actually had to restrain myself from getting up and doing a hora when you sang Havah Nagila..The mix of songs worked perfectly — it touched memories and included everybody.

You all play with such commitment and passion and talent; “heymish” and professional at the same time.  I loved the way you immediately connected with the audience and never let go.  I know we will be talking about you for a long time.

 Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful music with us.  It was a rare treat.



Millie & the Mentshn Minneapolis MN 2
Couldn’t you just feel the electricity going back and forth between you guys and the audience?  I’ve heard MTM at least a dozen times, and I’ve enjoyed every concert, but this one seemed to me the very best of all of them, and that’s saying a lot!  It’s clear that every one of you is a highly professional musician, and the ensemble playing puts me in mind of the best kind of chamber music.

— Garland Richmond, President of the Board of Directors, THE AMADEUS PROJECT

“Millie and the Mentshn combined Millie’s exuberant voice with a melodious combo of viola, piano, oboe, and drums. The ensemble left the audience dancing in the aisles – literally.”