Millie and the Mentshn at the Minnesota History Center

Millie and the Mentshn perform at the Minnesota History Center

“I’m overwhelmed with naches as a result of MTM’s performance of Heavy Mettle. The background about lineage of the music, the composers and the historical context added so much to the kickoff to the Idaho Jewish Cultural Festival.  Millie and the Mentshn brought much simcha to our festival and I look forward to their many returns.” 
— Oliver Thompson, Director of the Idaho Jewish Cultural Festival 2013

I think your wonderful way of storytelling and interpretation of the songs (and their backgrounds) opened the eyes and minds of many in the audience. It was delightful seeing you going through the words and then telling the meaning of the words; this was so new to some of them. I was watching the audience, too, and them seemed to warm up to this new “klezmer” sound, and your comments about us all being immigrants was so lightly said, but so full of meaning. I am an Honorable Mentshn with pride!
— Margaret, Bellingham

“The amazing Bellingham Klezmer band [Millie & the Mentshn] could stir passions in a stone statue.”
— The Whatcom Independent

“Millie and the Mentshn combined Millie’s exuberant voice with a melodious combo of viola, piano, oboe, and drums. The ensemble left the audience dancing in the aisles – literally.”

“You were wonderful. The audience loved the concert, and I still keep getting compliments on your behalf. One lady said that the whole TwinCities was ‘abuzz.'”
Mirjana Mladinov, Jewish Cultural Arts Director, ST. PAUL JCC, Minnesota

“I enjoyed [the concert] immensely… Again, congratulations. Everyone enjoyed the concert, and we were happy to play a part in the evening’s entertainment.”

“I have been humming in Yiddish for the past 3 days, and I particularly enjoyed ‘Summertime’ from the Gershwin boys. You were magnificent! Your musicians were wonderful!”
— C. Leonard, MN

 “They will make you laugh and cry and dance and sing along all within the confines of a single [program].” —  Whatcom Independent, Christopher Key

“I was deeply touched by your music last night. Thank you so much for bringing this history encased in music to our community. Should you do this concert with slides within driving distance, please let me know. I would drive a long way to hear and see it. Your family would have been very proud of you.”

Millie and the Mentshn in Argentina

Millie and the Mentshn in Argentina

“Wow – What a concert, You are fantastic!” — S. Goldberg

“I thoroughly enjoyed your concert, as did my mom. I too am sorry that you had so little time here in Anchorage. I am looking forward to your next visit.” — Al L.

“I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you and the Mentshn shlepping down from Bellingham for KlezFest. You have a gorgeous voice and a wonderful stage presence and command of Yiddish. All the best for the band’s continued success. Zei gezunt,”
— Wendy Marcus, Music Director, TEMPLE BETH AM

“We just moved to Fairbanks from New York. I am so happy that we were able to see your concert here instead of in New York, where we would never have been able to get in past the crowds.”
— Anonymous Fan

“Thank you again for the wonderful experience you provided our Fairbanks community. They want you back and I assured them that it will happen. Say hi to all the mentshn and give them our best.”
— Chuck Lemke, President of Board of Directors, FAIRBANKS SYMPHONY ASSOCIATION

“To Millie and the Mentshn,

Thanks so much to you all–Millie and the band. We had a wonderful time at the concert, along with the audience! I know that your group’s part of the concert was the part that really grabbed their hearts. Along with that, it was a musical exposure that many of them probably hadn’t had. I thought the audience response to your group and participation was just super, and we heard many raves about you guys afterward.

Thanks to you and each band member for giving so much of yourselves to the audience through your exciting music and wonderful musicianship! Please keep us posted on your future gigs.
With appreciation for all your efforts and many talents,”
— Ginny and Gary, Samish Island

Millie and the Mentshn - Group Shot

Millie and the Mentshn

“Thoroughly enjoyed your concert last week at WWU. Do you anticipate recording that program on a CD?”
— Anonymous Fan

“I want to tell you how absolutely thrilled my husband and I were by your recent concert at the PAC. It was incredibly exciting, uplifting, deeply moving. G-d bless you! We will eagerly await your next CD (we bought two of the current one), and your next Bellingham gig.”
— Karen

“Your concert was absolutely wonderful, impressive, awesome! I think inventing a couple new adjectives is in order! I was so glad to be there! I met a couple friends in their 80s whom I hadn’t seen for several years. They felt the same way. And so did my 20-year-old granddaughter.”
— Dee

“The concert was entertaining, informative, uplifting, inspiring and just plain fun! You seemed to be having fun too.”
— Edna

“Just returned from your WWU performance Sunday and was enthralled with it. Your combination of stories, pictures and songs is intriguing and sets the stage for what comes next.Would be delighted to help promote your program here in the Vancouver area as it would be much welcomed by the Jewish community as well as non-Jewish. As far as national recognized acts, you are right up there with the best with your eclectic and “heymish” style and content.”
— Howard, Coquitlam, BC

Millie and the Mentshn salute you!

Millie and the Mentshn salute you!

“That was an awesome (in all senses) concert yesterday! When does the world tour start?”
— Dan

“The concert and slide show were wonderful.”
— Gaylene

“Congratulations on your Songs Never Silenced Program. The afternoon was simply delightful – professional, emotional and spirited. It was like traveling through a journey with you. You are so very gifted. I could not have asked for more as an audience member. I enjoyed the teaching you did along the way and the photos were such a wonderful addition. Wow! I do not have words to fully express my appreciation. Your group works so well together too – all talented and such wonderful musicians.”
— Kathy

“You are an infectious performer. And Ken’s oboe broke my heart.”
— Jim

“Wow! What a wonderful and moving concert! You folks are great! I’m very impressed with all the research you’ve done, which really brings the music alive. The slide show really enhanced the experience, too.””
— Denise

There is nothing else to say except WOW!
— Marcia

“Dremlen Feygl – Birds Slumber moved me to tears for no reason. Not that I understood the words, but the music really had something genuine. Thank you so much for an experience.”
— Michiko